segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

RapidProductGenerator extension

This extension for the magento e-commerce platform (community edition) accelerates the process of creating associated (simple) products for a configurable product.

Simply select the desired values for the product and (optionally) define the price. In the following the form for product creation of each possible combination is filled out.

This simplifies the tedious work of setting the combinations manually!

Note: What the extension does NOT is creating all combinations automatically. How it works with an example: You sell T-Shirts in blue, yellow and red, in sizes S, M, L and the shirt might have a print or not. This gives you 18 possible combinations. When you "Generate" a combination, it just fills out the attributes for ONE product in the "Quick simple product creation" section, e.g. "blue, S, no-print". No you can decide whether you want to create this product (click "Create") or not. The next click on "Generate" sets the settings for the next possible configuration, e.g. "blue, S, print" and so on. This way you can decide  which combination to create or not (even if in your case there are in theory 100 possible combinations, you might want to create just 40 out of it). So still will have to "click" a lot the buttons, but you are freed from the tedious work of entering a sku, making the settings for a combinations (checkbox, select box).

The extension (*.tgz) can be downloaded after checkout. A copy and (possible future) updates are sent via email. You should install it manually, i.e. extract under your magento installation directory and NOT using magento-Connect.

Each installation requires a new checkout, i.e. if you pretend to use on several magento installations, you have to purchase a own version for each system.

This extension is based on JavaScript and was primarily developed and tested with Firefox 7.0.1 on a magento (CE) v1.6 installation. Other browsers might not work properly.


This version is a straightforward implementation based on JavaScript.
This extension doesn't modify your database and its use should be safe. HOWEVER we don't give any support, or guarantee for failure free running.
As always it is recommended to make an update of your magento installation.
We don't promise any further development, bugfix releases or support. However, clients that purchased this extension once, will be informed about possible updates which can be downloaded for FREE.